Typically when you hire us, you are paying for a bundled service. Say for instance you hire us to represent you during your dissolution of marriage. Our law firm may represent you from the point you first file until you receive the final court order. This would be considered a bundled service because we are performing a variety of services for you each step of the way, from filing paperwork to making court appearances.

On the other hand you may need our services on an unbundled basis. You may want to enter into a business agreement but you want our law firm only to prepare a contract for you. Or, someone you want to do business with gives you a written contract to sign. And, you need one of our attorneys to review the agreement before you sign it.

Our law firm offers unbundled services. We are willing to do work for you in parts. Perhaps you simply want us to draft your contract and you want to handle the rest, or maybe you are stuck on a particular issue that you need help with but cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent you. Unbundled services are a way for you to keep costs down but get help when you need it. Unbundled services offer you a lot of variety. You can hire our law firm to only draft a simple agreement, or you could even hire us as your attorney to draft all of your documents while you handle the rest of the business transaction. You and one of our attorneys you choose can arrive at a position that works for both of you.

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