Debt Collection

Sometimes, the biggest challenge for a small business owner comes when it’s time to get paid. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can minimize late payments and develop the business radar that lets you know when an account is headed for collections. By communicating effectively and working with financially troubled clients as they make their way through a rough patch, you may end up with devoted customers for life.

Late-paying customers usually fall into three categories:

  • Customers who want to pay but, because of real financial problems, can’t do it on time.
  • Customers who prefer to delay or juggle payments.
  • Customers who will do whatever possible to avoid any payment.

For the first two categories, there is hope. You may be able to manage these debts and convince the debtors to make partial or full payment. As for the last category, you need to recognize this type as quickly as possible and take serious action. For this last category, it may be necessary to consider legal action. That is where the ALG Law Group comes in. We can help you collect your debt in a responsible manner. There are rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission as well as other local and State agencies that must be complied with.

On the other hand, you may be someone who has fallen prey to harassing debt collection practices. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits these types of practices.

The FDCPA bars all forms of unfair, abusive and deceptive collection practices. While the Federal statute provides a laundry list of potential violations, this list is not exclusive. The statute also provides a general prohibition on any form of deception, abuse, or unfair treatment. In spite of federal and state law, debt collectors continue to abuse consumers in order to unfairly pressure them into paying debts. These abuse tactics are often intended to scare or intimidate consumers, sometime with threats of violence or arrest.

Other collectors pile on illegal interest or fees to make the debt seem larger that it actually is. In some instances, these debts are time-barred, discharged in bankruptcy, or not owed for other reasons. The ALG Law Group will help you navigate these calls and may even be able to sue these agents for violations of the act.

If you have questions about collecting debts from debtors or have been a victim of unfair debt collection practices, please let us help you through these difficult times.

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