Health Law and ERISA Law

Military personnel may have disabilities covered under Veterans Administration programs. Civil service employees of federal, state and local governmental agencies may be covered by governmental disability programs. Employees in the private sector may be covered by employer sponsored disability plans. A few states have mandated disability programs. All states require private employers to participate in Worker’s Compensation funds.

Many employers of large & mid-size companies offer employees short term disability benefit plans. Some employers may even provide long term disability plans. These plans may involve the purchase of an insurance policy. The insurance policy may be paid by either the company or the employees. Also, various commercial insurance companies offer individual disability insurance policies. For example, a homeowner may buy such a policy to pay off the mortgage on the home in event the homeowner gets sick & is unable to work.

Disability benefit plans or insurance policies are varied and complex. Review & appeal of a denied claim requires a lawyer who is knowledgeable about insurance laws & policies. Often, an employee can be covered by ERISA which is the federal Employee Retirement Income & Security Act. Our law firm can help a disabled person with an understanding of employees’ rights and how to protect their employee benefits.

Likewise, healthcare policies are a very confusing area. There are many laws involved and the choices of medical insurance available to you can be quite complex. For example, employees leaving their jobs may be eligible for continuing coverage through COBRA which is a federal law protecting employee benefit rights. Also, there is Medicare which has four major coverage parts. Each of these coverages has many components. For financially needy persons, there are many Medicaid programs available.

Additionally, many employers offer traditional medical policies, Preferred Provider Options, Health Maintenance Organizations, or Health Savings Account options. Submitting a medical insurance claim and filing an appeal to a benefit denial can be a daunting challenge. Our law firm can counsel you and act as your advocate in these matters.

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