Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Why Do I Need The ALG Law Group to Represent Me?

A seasoned ALG Law Group attorney can provide you with an initial legal consultation. It is a common occurrence that we have run across a similar fact pattern or situation like you are facing. Many times, we have represented clients successfully who have sought our legal advice with the same issues. By having an introductory consultation, often we can address your concerns without you incurring a legal fee from us.

Due to our legal experience, we may be able to quickly sort out the legal issues. We can discuss possible outcomes as to your dispute. We may be able to give you readily understandable ways of how others have dealt with similar concerns. We may even be able to find a practical solution to your problem without further professional advice from the ALG Law Group.

Simple Self-Help Matters. In meeting with the ALG Law Group, you might seek comfort in having our attorneys listen to your story. You might take solace in our taking the time to explain the law to you. Meeting with us may provide you with sufficient information to handle the problem yourself. In this way we will have provided a community service to someone in need of legal advice who would not otherwise seek the help of an attorney. Also, the ALG Law Group does not want to charge you a fee for something you can handle yourself with only little guidance from us.

Living the Good Life in the Sunshine State. Florida is a friendly state in which to live. Not only is the weather great & the seas are warm, but there are no state income tax and state estate tax. Likewise, Florida is both consumer & tourist friendly. There are many laws to protect our citizens & visitors from fraud and deceptive trade practices. Some Florida laws allow for self-filing of legal documents in simple matters. In our experience, many residents of Florida may find themselves in what initially appears to be a major crisis because they have not faced a legal problem before. By meeting with an experienced attorney of the ALG Law Group, we can help you sort out the real issues and help you understand that you can handle a simple matter on your own without further legal assistance from us. We can point you in the proper direction.

Complex Matters. Sometimes you may come to the realization that what you think is a simple problem really is much more complex than you first thought. Maybe, your legal problem puts your livelihood, health & financial well-being at risk — even though you may not realize it. In some cases, it is not advisable to go it alone (called self-help or “pro se”). There may be unintended consequences by acting on your own & there are complexities in which it is the best practice to have the ALG Law Group represent your interests. Florida statutes provide that persons who handle their own cases pro se are held to the same court practice standards as attorneys. The judge is not allowed to help you with your case in court — even if you ask for assistance. So one needs to consider the consequences of going it alone.

Occasionally, you might visit us for a consultation and discover that you have such a serious legal problem that we recommend you take immediate action due to substantive statutes, laws, regulations and rules of procedure. A case can even involve multi-state jurisdictions or federal-state overlaps — such as a car accident occurring in Georgia for a Florida resident coming back home who is hit by a business person from New York.

If you have a complex legal matter, we will tell you so frankly and honestly. We will advise you as to your options. We will quote you a legal fee if you want our assistance. And, we will not charge you a fee without you agreeing to our fee in writing.